Consulting and Services

Satoba helps businesses and individuals create 6-figure sales funnels for high ticket products.

We’re hands on and practical in our approach. Results are all that matter so we’ve designed our services to provide results in the shortest time possible.

We don’t sell internet funnels, CRMs, software, websites, tools, …… But we use them to help you sell more, attract more quality leads, and move the needle for your business. 

Our services are based on 4 core elements of selling high ticket products and services. These 4 elements determine scalability and predictability of sales funnels. Our offering includes one or more of the following areas:

  1. Sales roadmaps
  2. Positioning relative to your nearest competitors
  3. Lead attraction and engagement
  4. 6-figure sales funnels

When these 4 core elements (steps) are optimized to work together, you maximize your market potential and sales.

Often businesses get stuck in one or more areas and that can lead to lost sales, longer sales cycles, and in general more frustration. We’re here to help you bridge the gaps and create high converting funnels that can scale with your business. In other words to double your sales, you don’t need to double your work.

Digital marketing is integrated into almost everything we do. From building high converting websites to scalable lead capture systems, we help create end-to-end solutions that deliver more firepower and results.

From content-rich digital media to targeted trade shows and marketing initiatives, we plan and execute high impact lead generation initiatives to maximize your sales.

4 steps to winning more sales and scaling your pipeline

We work with clients in ANY ONE of the following areas:

1. High ticket sales roadmaps

Turn-by-turn directions 

A sales roadmap is about creating your turn by turn direction for your customer journey. From the very first interaction with your prospect to the point they become customers.

This roadmap is basically the key for everything else we do. Without a roadmap, we’re lost. We’re just going from one thing to something else. I’m sure you’ve seen this in business.

The roadmap is like your GPS giving you turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

2. Positioning your offer for success

Win more deals

Position your offer so it stands out relative to your nearest competitor. The reason we do this is because customers always have a choice who they do business with. We want them to to do business with you instead of your competitor.

In this step we go through a detail exercise where you identify and create your benefit advantages. Positioning is super critical, it’s at the core of your business. You choose your positioning just like you choose your pricing.

3. Lead generation

Identifying sources of attraction and engagement

We identify your top sources of attraction and engagement into the funnel. We then incorporate these sources into your roadmap from step 1 above.

By the time we are done with step 3, you’ll have a complete turn-by-turn directions for your sales funnel. This is what you’ll use to build your funnel (step 4 below).


4. Sales funnels

We help you build scalable and predictable funnels

A funnel is what you’re using on a day to day basis to attract, engage, qualify, and win more deals. Whether you are an individual buisness owner or you have a large sales team, your funnel is the lifeline of your business.

We build your funnel OR if you prefer to learn on your own, we teach you how to build your funnel. Up to this point we’ve intentionally stayed away from the tech. Building high converting sales funnels is based on the previous 3 steps (above).