Our Process

Our process of working with clients is focused, balanced, strategic, and uses good ol‘ fashion common sense. Everything we do boils down to delivering results for you. 
We don’t believe in writing reports that sit on a bookshelf and collect dust. Instead, we create results.
We focus on what can be done, what can drives results, and what needs to change. Of these, the latter is sometimes the hardest goal to accomplish because real results often require real change. 

We believe the best way to approach a potential project is first to understand our client’s business needs including opportunities, gaps, and objectives. We do this through a 3 step process described below.

Step 1- Discovery

We start with an initial complimentary phone consultation to get a general idea of key areas of interest. If there is a potential fit, we setup a second meeting to go a little deeper and discuss high-level needs. During discovery, we hope to be able to discuss top-level needs, gaps and opportunities. We’ll narrow down your top 3 areas of interest that can significantly increase your win rates.

Step 2- Recommendation

We develop the scope, review assumptions, objectives, and ROI. We present our approach and determine the next step.

Step 3- Start of project

Client can retain Satoba for further needs analysis or choose to proceed. We use an iterative process of delivering results in steps while adjusting and fine-tuning. 

What’s driving sales?

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Increase leads


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