Reach Your Highest Market Potential and Maximize Sales

Hyper Funnels Sales Training Program

B2B High Ticket Sales and Marketing

Satoba is an Orange County, California B2B high ticket sales and marketing consulting firm. We help businesses create sales funnels that solve 6-figure problems. Through our consulting services we create custom tailored solutions to match your needs.

But for those that prefer online training, we have a unique 4 step program for building scalable 6-figure sales funnels. Hyper Funnels is designed to teach you the 4 critical steps needed to build high converting sales funnels.

B2B high ticket sales and marketing

Automation and machinery

We work with a broad spectrum of companies to market and sell products nationally.

high ticket sales and marketing of engineered products

Engineered products and services

We help service providers such as contract manufacturers find new market opportunities.

B2B medical device and scientific instruments

Startups and tech entrepreneurs

Small business is the bedrock of our economy. We work with funded startups that want to get a head start in sales and marketing

Areas of focus

Our sales and marketing work focuses on 4 key areas:

1) Creating sales roadmaps
2) Positioning relative to your nearest competitor
3) Choosing your sources of attraction and engagement
4) Building and running 6-figure scalable sales funnels

These 4 elements can make a huge impact on your business and we work with you to fine-tune each to maximize your sales.

Our 4 core areas of focus in B2B high ticket sales and marketing


A roadmap gives you clarity in a sea of options and confusion. Business owners are looking at the many options and wondering what is the best path forward. We create 6-figure roadmaps from which you can build your sales funnel.


Position your offer relative to your nearest competitor so you can find more opportunities and win more deals. Positioning is a strategic move that can set the tone for everything


Lead generation is the cornerstone of business development. Without quality leads your sales pipeline sinks. We help you find the best sources of attraction and engagement for your 6-figure sales funnel.

Sales funnel

Building a scalable and predictable sales funnel can make all the difference in your business. The challenge is most businesses don’t have a clear framework that can accomplish that. We specialize in building 6-figure sales funnels that eliminate the guess work and replace it with a repeatable process.